What we do
The Credit Repair Group’s goal is to help our clients achieve the best credit score they possibly can. CRG will do all we legally can to repair your credit score so that you may enjoy your life and take advantage of your financial power.

You will come and meet with us for a personal and confidential appointment in our private offices in Pompano Beach, Florida.

CRG will analyze your credit situation with you and help you to better understand its meaning. We will help define for you what your credit report means, not only to you, but also to:

  • mortgage companies
  • credit card companies
  • insurance companies and
  • 100’s of other creditors

We work meticulously to get our customers credit reports cleaned of any inaccurate, misleading, invalid, or outdated items which are obstructing their ability to receive optimum financing options, or to even get credit at all!

CRG can assist in taking the burden of poor or bad credit off your shoulders and help you get lower mortgage interest rates, and the lower insurance premiums that you deserve.

Here is what you can expect when you work with CRG.

Credit and Situation Analysis

It is imperative that we understand your credit situation so that we can improve your credit score as quickly as possible. We will carefully examine your credit reports and learn about the different issues and personal circumstances which may exist. At the end of your credit and situation analysis, we will have determined if there is a need for our credit repair services. If we can help, we will immediately develop a strategy on how best to attack your personal credit situation and to repair your credit.

Credit Repair Services

Stage 1:

As a result of your Credit and Situation Analysis, we will know which items on your credit report are inaccurate, misleading, invalid or just simply not yours. At this point CRG will begin to develop a plan that will positively impact your credit score rating and potentially drive your score higher. We will begin to challenge and dispute the credit bureaus regarding the negative items on your report. Typically, many of the items at issue will be deleted by the credit bureaus as a result of CRG’s efforts during this stage.

Stage 2:

Based on the amount of negative items in your report, the process in Stage 1 may need to be repeated. In our persistent effort to increase your credit score, CRG will continue to challenge the bureaus and dispute these negative items in Stage 2. We will repeat the cycle and continue to work your inaccurate and negative items to increase your credit score.

The Credit Repair Group
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